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Screening of SOUND OF MUSIC

Dear Members

As you are aware, we had a screening of The Sound of Music on Saturday 10th September in association with Rosary Old Students Entente (ROSE) – Rosary Convent Alumni Assn). Sharing a few highlights:

1. The hugely popular movie was screened under the nostalgia classic series. The mood in the screening and outside the theatre was palpable excitement with songs from the movie on everyone’s lips.

2. Kinnera Murthy welcomed the audience on behalf of both MI and ROSE, Ramkiran Vatturi talked about MI and its repertoire, Namratha Muralidhar, the President of ROSE added her own welcome and introduced ROSE members.

3. Sanghamitra Malik, MC member MI, sang a few lines beautifully and was joined in by Rosarians

4. Rosarians shared a wonderful story. In the sixties, English movies were released very late in Hyderabad. Two teachers of Rosary, went to Bombay (as it was then called), saw the movie, managed too get the original Hollywood script, adapted it for a stage production and the students of Rosary gave a splendid performance in Ravindra Bharati, before the movie was released in Hyderabad. That they collected Rs 18 lakhs in 1968 is an achievement worth talking about – this amount built a new school in Nagarjunasagar. Great memories indeed.

5. A few pics from that occasion given below – in all you can see MI and ROSE together


  • September 15, 2019
    Rajini Yepuri

    Congratulations to team MI


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